Fahad Uddin

Tech consultancy, startups, MVP creation, engineering, marketing, growth, strategy, mentorship, investment.

Providing value by helping startups and mid size companies in every way possible. Expertise are product development, early product market fit, pivoting, ads, different traction channels creation, strategy.

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Online consultancy - $50 per hour

• First 15 minutes for free and then $50 per hour.
• Book via Calendly.

Meetups - $50 per hour

• For in Karachi, Pakistan, no need for travel expenses.
• For other cities in Pakistan, you will have take care of tickets, accomodation, meals, travel expenses.
• First 15 minutes for free then just $50/hour. Book via Calendly.


• Get free AWS credits, two months business support via my referral.
• Get weekly advice, tips on startups.
• Free forever. Book via Calendly.


• Can help connect with right investor for your idea.
• Get introductions with top founders, who have done it all.
• First 15 minutes for free and then just $50/hour. Book via Calendly.